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Items tagged with "environment"

BP and the Floor of the Sea

[Ed: first posted at Newshoggers] [...]More

Begin the BP beguine

It looks like a lovely butterfly, if you're Haley Barbour.  Or a Balrog, if you're [...]More

Canada's Quotient of Evil

The Alberta Tar Sands.

And another place.
< [...]More

Protests Block Monsanto Maize in Mombasa

Monsanto, aided by its various government agency allies, appears to have adopted a catalytic penetration [...]More

Obama and the Whales

Yet another Barack Obama WTF? moment, brought to you by whoever the fuck is in [...]More

Global Water Vector

A troubling vector:

A tiny island claimed for years by India and Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal has < [...]More

Bad Water & War

With the advent of World Water Day, March 22, we have some indication of the bleak [...]More

A Tale of Two "Climate gates"

Since US media coverage of all things Sarah Palin pales all else, more than a few may not have noticed that the CRU "Climate gate" [...]More

Russia Accused of Nuclear Weapons/Waste Dumping in Baltic

[Update below]
The Russian military allegedly

CRU Email Hack IO pales against IPCC Chair

Of course, it wasn't the scatter shot email bitching that "destabilized Copenhagen."  The CRU hack was meant for public consumption. 

This Sceptred Isle

NASA looks down on Great Britain.


World's HIghest Glacier to Disappear 5 Years Sooner than Predicted

Once, the Chacaltaya glacier in Bolivia hosted the world's highest ski run. Today, the glacier is all but gone, disappearing far sooner than had been [...]More

Leading by Example: Climate Summit Delagates Arrive in Style

This is a rather amusing video. An near endless parade of luxury, chauffeured automobiles; one soft, puffy simp per car.

< [...]More

Colombian Farmers Slap BP with Pipeline Lawsuit

The pipeline oligarchs at BP have been slapped with a  lawsuit by a [...]More

Water Throttle on Renewable Energy

A very un-green aspect of the renewable energy push.  Of course, [...]More

Toxic Waters

A stunning NY Times story,  Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at [...]More

Containment Breach

Swine flu has erupted:
The swine flu virus

New Rules Attack Congressional Veto

Under the Bush administration's end of days push to issue a spate of new "business friendly" regulations, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning [...]More

Of Polar Bears, Palin and Big Oil

Sarah Palin has been infamously cited as the Governor of Alaska who is suing the Bush administration to remove polar bears from the endangered species [...]More

Climatic Shock Roundup

While we watch with trepidation the advance of Hurricane Gustav toward [...]More

Gustav Front Advances

Here is something I don't think I've ever heard before:  Hurricane Gustav gained strength near Cuba and went from < [...]More

Further Arctic Ice Breakup

A four-square-kilometre chunk has broken off Ward Hunt Ice Shelf

Gulf Toast

The expectedly record size of the Gulf of Mexico's "dead zone" has been previously  [...]More

Brown Bear Blowback

What happens when human poaching decimates a native bear population's food supply?  Why, the bears start [...]More

A Bush Business Trifecta

The Bush administration hit the crony trifecta today: dangering up the work place at the behest of business complaints about regulation, covering up defense contractor [...]More

Shock Doctrine Drilling

For Americans, no shock is greater than the escalating price of oil and gasoline.  Playing on the pernicious [...]More

Biofuel Mandate Expands Coastal Dead Zones

Now that biofuel production is mandated federal policy, the rapid and ill-conceived expansion of corn production in the United States has led to yet [...]More

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