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Items tagged with "morons"

Halliburton settles, Cheney skates

The momentary happy days when Richard Cheney faced charges in Nigerian court are over.  Halliburton has [...]More

"We are filing charges against Cheney"

Now that got your notice.  And with good reason.  But these [...]More

Finally! Sarkozy goes Berlusconi

What's up with Sarkozy, and his sudden embrace of fellow narcissist Silvio Berlusconi's fascist demonization and purge of Roma from "the homeland"?  It's simply [...]More

BP and the Floor of the Sea

[Ed: first posted at Newshoggers] [...]More

Begin the BP beguine

It looks like a lovely butterfly, if you're Haley Barbour.  Or a Balrog, if you're [...]More

French land regionals blow on Sarkozy

Ah, the French.  Shockfront loves the French, and all their trenchant car burning, for the French have landed a body blow to Sarkozy, and [...]More

Tony Blair and his secret go-juice ride

Not that you would think otherwise, dear readers, but there is a notable inability here at Shockfront to resist quoting, at length, stories with the [...]More

Who contols the present, controls the past ....

And, apparently, the idiots are running the show in Texas.
For the next ten years, millions of

Bunning Hummer

[Update below]

Republican senator Jim Bunning (R-ToughShit) has a [...]More

Goldman Sacks Athens

Wonderment.  The behaviour of Goldman Sachs is truly a wonder to behold.  And one of the beauties of watching the most purely evil [...]More

Taking Down the Grouse

The recent damning report in The Washington Times (Whoa, nelly!& [...]More

Jesus was a cage fighter

The goal … is to inject some machismo into their ministries — and into the image of Jesus

US missionaries charged with child kidnapping in Haiti

Baptist missionaries baby shopping in Haiti have been charged with child kidnap and criminal [...]More

Conservative Project Censored 2009

Now that the days of lists are upon us, politically-striped ones are an inevitable waste byproduct,


CIA, Pentagon Fooled by a Space Bar

Aram Rostom's trenchant tale of DoD swindler Dennis Montgomery is certainly apposite the intoxicated [...]More

The Incredible Lightness of Being Berlusconi

Berlusconi, 73, had been signing autographs and shaking hands with the public minutes after addressing thousands of people at a rally for his People of

Victory in Afghanistan!

Instructions sold separately.


Henry Giroux: Raging Against the Zombie Machine

It doesn't happen much here, but after several a reading, Shockfront is impelled to recommend the work of Henry [...]More

Nominee: Upper Class Twit of the Year

Goes to …

Thatcherite, and Vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs International, Lord Griffiths, who, in a biblically apposite setting, [...]More

To Serve The Public

Perhaps the most amazing statement yet to come [...]More

Afghanistan: "Everything that has been acheived."

“All is not doom and gloom in Afghanistan,” But “walking away would destroy everything that has been achieved.

The Extraordinary Ordinariness of Their Awfulness*

Take the latest wondrous event: an outbreak of swine flu originating in Mexico.  Ha!  Those sad, swarthy, south-of-the-border paupers

Final Tap: The Agony of a Narcissist

Mark Miller turns on the Bush deconstruction tap, something we haven't seen much since [...]More

Palestinian Authority clubs Palestinian Protesters

As though they haven't marginalized themselves enough in the eyes of Palestinians, now the Fatah controlled Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has [...]More

Gaza, Hamas, and Life Loving Democracies

Alan Dershowitz sums up the Israeli-Palestinian problem as best he can.  Its really [...]More

Harare, Ontario

Prime Minister Steven Harper is now completely unhinged and Canada's Governor General has encouraged his terrible behaviour by suspending parliament.  The temporary, undemocratic putsch is [...]More

Short Schiff: "The party is over for the United States"

This is incredible (h/t Newshoggers).  Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital was making the rounds in 2006-2007, [...]More

Death and Politics

"If a retailer has not gotten involved with this, if he has not spent money on this election,

Lieberman: White House Suck-up

The more substantive argument against Lieberman retaining his chair on the Senate Homeland Security Committee has been that he has used his position to [...]More

Out for the Duration

By now, you've all heard about the phony police report of a fictional [...]More

Do The Right Thing

Did you know that the results of elections are not of this earthly world?  Sarah Palin does [...]More

The Low, Low Road

The charming Republican party continues their swan dive into the swamp, this time advocating the torture of a presidential candidate.  


The False Narrative of "Voter Fraud"

[Published at OpEd News, Update below]

< [...]More

McCain Creates "Disarray" Over Bailout

Clearly on a mission, presidential candidate and emergent political huckster, John McCain strode into Washington, wailing about the crumbling financial sector and promising to cancel [...]More

Charlie's Angel

While generally avoiding covering much of the nonsense that passes for what American calls its "presidential election campaign," the Palin piñata is proving too [...]More

A Brookings Institute "Foreign Policy Expert"

Described in this snip as a "Democratic critic," milquetoast establishment mannequin Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings [...]More

The Real Crazies Descend on Denver

While right wing lardheads are busy talking about moonbat protesters loitering around the DNC convention demanding crazy things like ending the war and torture and [...]More

The Chinese Looking Glass

Senator Sam Brownback, a man who has stood proudly upon the foundation of warrantless NSA surveillance of American communication networks, surveillance that "allow for massive, [...]More

Bush World Diplomacy

Former State Department "diplomat" for the Middle East, Patrick Syring, has been sentence to one year in [...]More

Grammatical Error

"This is a mental recession."

The Smartest Guy in the Room

President George W. Bush looked into the eyes of Russia’s new president, Dimitri A. Medvedev, on Monday and


The Merry Lives of Windsor

British Royals and their opulent, taxpayer funded lifestyle are now costing British citizens [...]More

Profiles in Crookery: Mark "Scratcher" Thatcher

The son of the former British prime ministerial battle axe, known in more polite company as Margaret Thatcher, is described by the landlord in [...]More

The Embarrasser

All the President's Nazis: An Open Letter to Bush

Fuming at the callous slander Bush let loose on the Knesset, Larisa really lets one [...]More

Russia Boots US Military "Attachés"

A few days before Russia's big Victory Day parade, the first Red Square appearance of Russian tanks and nukes since 1990, two American military officers [...]More

Fox News: Class in America

Watch the "working class" at Fox News wrestle with the notion of class in America. Jocularity ensues.


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