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Items tagged with "un"

Bad Water & War

With the advent of World Water Day, March 22, we have some indication of the bleak [...]More

CRU Email Hack IO pales against IPCC Chair

Of course, it wasn't the scatter shot email bitching that "destabilized Copenhagen."  The CRU hack was meant for public consumption. 

US Vetos UN Resolution on Gaza

After voting against the "right to food" earlier this year, voting against the ban on cluster bombs, Khalilzad continues [...]More

UN Food Summit Ignores Farmers

It's surely a sign of how utterly clueless high level UN officials can be when faced with extant crises that, at the UN food summit [...]More

Cluster Bombs Necessary to "US Interests"

Six of the world's leading cluster munition users and producers, India, Pakistan, Russia, United States, China and Israel, avoided attendance of a UN meeting [...]More

Energy Industry Abuse of UN Climate Program

Back on Earth, the energy sector continues its assault on the planet.  All those [...]More

Portrait of a Media Take-down

Serious questions surrounding the 9/11 attacks remain unanswered to this day, from the $100,000 payment Mohammad Atta received [...]More

Food price rises threaten global security

While American media focuses its laser-like attention on the Hillary&Obama show, going so far as to "analyze" the current crop of political campaign [...]More

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