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Items tagged with "war"

Tricks of the Libyan Trade

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Libyan rebels, but were afraid to ask. 


Pump up the Saudi arms volume

Back when the "Saudi arms deal" tickled $20 billion, thoughtful folks gave pause.  Rightly so. That was under Bush. Now, in the midst of an [...]More

Israel, the Barbarian

The Israeli Navy attacked a flotilla carrying thousands of tons of supplies for

Thousands Protest Okinawa Base

Thousands of Japanese linked hands and encircled a Marine Corps base in Okinawa on Sunday to protest its presence on the island, putting

The Hyperbolic Priority Curve

Cobbled together from numbers stated in Jo Comerford's article, [...]More

Israel Lobby Launches on Commander CENTCOM

Now, this will be interesting to watch.  The ADL is taking a swing at [...]More

Operation Moshtarak: A Domestic Information Operation

"Operation Moshtarak" began in earnest on February 2, 2010, when US Marine officials at Camp Leatherneck described the then little-noted [...]More

Massacre in Kunar: "A Civilian Casualty Incident"

After it was reported that a December night raid by personnel unknown had resulted in the [...]More

Haiti: Heart of Hydrocarbon Darkness

The Bush family manged to whisk Jean Bertrand Aristide from Haiti, twice, the [...]More

Dutch Coalition Government Folds on Afghan Mission

66% of the Dutch population thinks that Labour is correct to [...]More

Poland, Romania's Near-Term Missile Up

Recall the celebration of a new way forward when Barack Obama announced the "cancellation" of Bush-era missile installations in Poland and the Czech Republican.  [...]More

IED Attack on Frontier Corps Kills "Aid Workers"

As uncritically reported by the New York Times:
Four aid workers employed by

Passing Sigh-op

For those paying attention to this grim outlet, posting will be light for the next couple of weeks.  Shockfront will leave readers with an [...]More

Reining in the Sing

There's a protest singer, he's singin' a protest song.

Afghan Obamacare Roundup

  • a rocket has hit a building housing the new U.S. consulate office in western Afghanistan.
  • three rockets were fired at

Murder Charges Slap Former Blackwater Guards

Well, I guess we'll get to watch how the Department of Justice will "screw up" this [...]More

The US War Machine

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."<

The HInge of Plan Afghanistan

Like a wad of dead gum stuck to the roof of the mouth, I've had this David Brooks item on the burner for a bit [...]More

Meet the Press

Last week, a British court quietly issued an arrest warrant for former Israeli foreign [...]More

Iraqi Insurgents Hack US Drones in 'Shadow Cyber War'

A rather interesting development, insurgents have been hacking and jacking video feeds from US military [...]More

NATO: All that glisters is not gold

In reading Rick Rozoff's incredible report of a few weeks ago, [...]More

McChrystal Predicts 'Ultimate Success' for Afghan Plan

At least he managed to avoid saying "cake [...]More

Russia, India Seal 'Arms/N-Deals'

Another flirty dalliance with the untoward has recently popped up, as Moscow and [...]More

Change and the Chosen Path

[This post is an updated version of an original Shockfront yowl,  and is now published at [...]More

Afghan Army Strength 'Greatly Exaggerated'

Desertions are rampant. As shall be heard, "… after eight years, both the United States and the Afghan government don't even know how many soldiers and [...]More

Obama is now worse than Bush

"When we're talking about war, we're really talking about peace."
-- George W. Bush<

UK Iraq War Inquiry Underway

The Chilcot Inquiry has officially opened proceedings into the provenance of the Iraq [...]More

Afghanistan to Yemen: A Compendium of War and Military Domination

Rick Rozoff delivers an essential encyclopedia of US and NATO plans for [...]More

Hitting the Reset Button on Global Oil Supply

Ten years ago, Project Censored listed as one of their top under reported stories in 1999:

Saudi Arabia Bombs Yemen

Now that the US has set the precedent, well, as expected, everyone with a grudge and a few F-16s, can [...]More

The Good War

As seen on the pages of The Washington Post.


British Gov't "Vetoes" Release of pre Iraq War Discussion

The Brown government is in full corrupt state protection mode these days.  Beyond demonstrating a robust lack of understanding of the financial crisis -- or [...]More

Ethiopian Troops Retreat from Somalia

Almost exactly two years after they illegally invaded Somalia, with full-throttle CIA support, [...]More

Israel's Gaza Gas Grab

Chossudovsky reports on the run-around Israel is doing in securing newly discovered [...]More

The World According to Conflict

There are many parameter spaces by which we might describe and characterize the world.  GDP, health statistics, income levels, all can impart some coloration [...]More

30,000 More US Troops Bound for Afghanistan

In compliance with Obama's pledge to boost the US military presence in Afghanistan, and working from the false meme that the surge " [...]More

Imperial Clash on the Congo Resource Front

[Originally published at The Public Record

Clusterfuck in the Khyber

Another brazen attack by likely Taliban militants on a truck [...]More

"War is a Racket"

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Armistice was signed in 1918, marking the [...]More

Cameroon Rebels Join the Ranks of Oil Worker Kidnapping

Sudanese and Nigerian rebel groups have been kidnapping oil industry workers for sometime.  And now, Cameroon rebels, the Bakassi Freedom Fighters (though clearly not BFF [...]More

Congo: "The situation is very dire"

The Congolese army is in retreat as rebel forces, led by Rwanda-backed "rogue general" Laurent Nkunda, advance on the provincial capital of Goma.  Nkunda [...]More

Iran, Israel: Pre-emptive Strike Thrêat-a-Thrêat

Not to be outdone by Israeli threats of preemptive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, some senior hard line officials in Tehran are lobbying for [...]More

Congo War, Refugee Crisis on the Rise Again

In the world's most ignored war and resultant humanitarian disaster, Congo has recently experienced escalated violence after the January "Goma agreement" drastically failed to [...]More

Planning Liquid War

Even amidst the din of this epoch's current financial falderal, the Pentagon, confident in its stationed life, remains above the unseemly fray during contentious [...]More

The Wide World of US Weapons

George Bush will leave many a legacy, indeed.  Not the kind he imagines, of course, but rather a vast endowment of failure, malfeasance and [...]More

Saakashvili Killed Investor Climate in Georgia

Bear in mind that there will be the usual slant from a western business rag that what we are witnessing in Georgia is a  "petulant [...]More

Georgia's Military: The gift that keeps on giving

Perhaps thinking that the phrase "special forces" carried with it some secret cloak of invisibility, an "elite" group of US-trained and supplied Georgian special forces [...]More

NATO Base Breached in Firefight

[Breaking Update below: Never mind the breach!]

On Sunday it was reported that [...]More

Infight at the Olmert Corral

Forgive this bout of speculation, but I cannot be the only one expressing some curiosity about the coincidence of two narratives playing out in Israel.   [...]More

GWOW: The Global War on Weddings

Merely two days after Afghan officials reported that a US military helicopter [...]More


Great video from Hotpotatomash, Vincent "the quintessential prosecutor" Bugliosi examines the case against George W. Bush, who should [...]More

Democrats "stretched the facts" on Iraq Withdrawal

Democratic congressman Paul Kanjorski (D-PA), has just coughed up a very hairy ball of truth about his own [...]More

"Birth Pangs of a New Middle East"

Remember that little grain of Rice?  She had no real idea what she was talking about [...]More

A War With Iran and the "Continuity of Government"

What can one make of the disturbing trend lines developing on both the domestic and international fronts?  American political rhetoric surrounding Iran convinces us [...]More

The Bush Administration Ungoverned by Exposure

APOV is pointing to an excellent and sobering argument from Tufts History professor Gary Leupp that [...]More

Longshore May Day Protest Brings Cargo "to a Halt"

Some weeks ago, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) promised a shut down of west coast ports on the international labour day, May Day, [...]More

Winter Soldier: Rules of the Game

A new Indiana University study of news reports by television reporters embedded with American troops in the early days of the

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